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The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing is the journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses.

The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing is the only peer-reviewed OPEN ACCESS critical care nursing journal in Canada.


Includes all articles in the Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (CJCCN).

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The CJCCN invites submissions on the following critical nursing topics: Clinical, Education, Management, Research and Professional Issues. Original articles on any aspect of critical care nursing are welcome.

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Barriers and facilitators in the provision of palliative care in critical care: A qualitative descriptive study of nurses’ perspectives

February 23, 2022

Lisa Vaughn, MN, RN, and Anna Santos Salas, PhD, RN

Intensive care units are providing increasing amounts of palliative care. Accordingly, integrating palliative care as a component of comprehensive critical care has been identified as a necessity. The purpose of this study was to explore what critical care nurses perceive as barriers and facilitators in the provision of palliative care in the critical care setting. Read More >

The development and implementation of an evidence-based risk reduction algorithm for post-extubation dysphagia in intensive care

February 23, 2022

Jennifer Barker, MHSc, SLP, Morgan Davidson, MSc, PEng, RN, Eddy Fan, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Shauna Hellen, MHSc, SLP andTrish Williams, MSLP, SLP


Intubation and mechanical ventilation are often required to support critically ill patients. These are life-sustaining measures and when they are no longer necessary, patients need to be carefully transitioned back to breathing, eating, and talking on their own. Post-extubation dysphagia is defined as swallowing difficulty following extubation. This condition can affect up to 87% of critically ill patients and can cause serious health complications such as aspiration pneumonia, which could require re-intubation,

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