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Exp May 2, 2024

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Spring 2023

CJCCN Volume 34, Number 1, Spring 2023

A Feminist Perspective on Post-Pandemic Burnout in Critical Care Nurses

April 4, 2023

Leslie Brugger, BSFNH, BSN, RN

Historically, nursing has been a gendered profession. Still today, women dominate the nursing landscape. In 2019, the Canadian Nurses Association reported that 91% of Registered Nurses were female in Canada (Canadian Nurses Association, 2019, p.1). Given this strong female presence, it is disconcerting that nursing remains inequitable for women in 2023. Feminist theory explores the importance of women’s perspectives, social justice, and feminist values, providing the theoretical and philosophical groundwork for the progression of gender equality (Im & Meleis, 2001). 2021 was one of the most challenging years in critical care nursing history, with record amounts of women leaving the profession due to safety, burnout, workload, and compensation issues. Exploring some of these challenges through a feminist perspective that promotes women’s values and interests may offer a lens for understanding the needs of nurses in the post-pandemic healthcare setting (Burton, 2016). 


A Feminist Perspective on Post-Pandemic Burnout in Critical Care Nurses

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